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Vaginas Do Open Up

Creator's Comments: Man! This page did not want to exist!  There were problems of losing the original dialog and then in rendering the page there were just constant issues.  I'm happier with how this page came out than with how it would have looked if I didn't lose the original drawings.  All but the first panel had to be redone.  The tension in panel 5 is being loved by me.

It's crazy drawing these characters and in this style again.  It's like talking to an old friend you haven't seen in awhile.  You don't know what to talk about at first and it's kinda awkward but then it seems like the time you've spent apart melts with the intimacy of the conversation.   

So the other day was the anniversary of the comic.  3 years!  Whoo!

On a related note I got a slightly early birthday gift of awesome clay figures of the Your Face Is a Comic characters from YellowTangerine (Buy stuff from her. It's twisted, adorable, and made with a loving attention to detail.)  Like all of her stuff, these figures have a serious level of dopeness. 

Yellow Tangerine figures

The detail on them is just incredible.

Yellow Tangerine figures

Lupin has his tail.

Yellow Tangerine figures

Kawaii is as cute as ever.

Yellow Tangerine figures

Capz has his branding on his cap and shirt.

Yellow Tangerine figuresYellow Tangerine figures


Yellow Tangerine figures

Buster just looks hardcore. 




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