Your Face Is a Comic!

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Author's Comments: Okay, 'nuff playing around.  I'm getting serious for the next update.  In other news today's my birthday! Yay!  It is also official Online Comics Day.  Strange coincidence.  Especially considering that I was originally going to launch this comic on my birthday but I was too excited.  Oh yeah and it is also Cinco De Mayo where as I understand it Mexicans busted a 300 on the French (8,000 vs. 4,000) and indirectly kept them from supplying arms to the Confederacy.  They should make a Cinco De Mayo movie.  However I think I'm a little bias for supporting that.  It is not Mexican independence day.  That's September 16th which is strangely enough my cousin's birthday.  I need some numerologist to come here and interpret some of this.  Sorry if some stuff isn't accurate.  I'm kinda going from memory right now.  It's almost 1 A.M.  However I'm super happy because my girlfriend gave me a hot-wheels car of a SATURN ION 2 QUAD-COUPE!  She also got me a "Fox and the Hound" plush fox.  Oh man!  Seriously a Saturn Hotwheel car!  I wonder if there's a Saturn SW2 Hotwheel...

Illustrator's comments: I tried with this one too.

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