Your Face Is a Comic!

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Author's Comments: Well, it's been about a year since I came up with this web comic and finally it's up!  The comic was named by a close friend of mine named Sang, who has truly supported the comic from day one.  I feel like this comic has been nothing but bad luck since Aaron finished drawing the first comic.  I think by killing Za+ck in the first comic I shot some sort of albatross.  Okay, no more thinking like that!  I'd just like to thank everyone who offered any kind of support this thing including but not limited to Aaron, Ally, Sang, Donna, Donna's friend David, Jon, John Brantingham, Melissa, Michael, Michelle, Monica, Rosana, and everyone I forgot.  I'd also like to thank the people that I hate whose moral compasses always point south and thus point me north.

Yes, this first comic seems like it's racist.  Actually panel 2 is very racist.   How does it seem racist when obviously it's a black man shooting a white man?  You'll see.  Even if it is racist the underlying theme of the comic as a whole will compensate for the racism in it's addressing of ignored issues that are both as shallow and as prejudiced as racism.

Illustrator's comments: I tried.

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