Mr. Faux Goes to Washington

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Precocious Growing up I was designated as "gifted."  In my low to middle class area they treated the gifted kids as if we were the only ones who had a chance. So we grew up more delusional than your average kid.  We commonly spent lunch talking about how we would either save the world with our genius or take it over with our cunning.  This comic is about the latter.  The characters are numerous but well flawed/characterized so you won't feel overwhelmed at all.  A daily strip made for your enjoyment by Christopher Paulsen.
What and what got together to make this comic?
Lang Lang and Ozy and Millie's eye met across a crowded room.  They eloped with their senses etherized by the adventure of foolish love.  Nine months later Precocious was born.  Although...I hear that Fox Trot and Ozy and Millie had a thing a few days before.  I'm not saying...I'm just saying...
I'm still not sure what this comic is like.  Is there a comic would give me a good idea? This one.


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