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Tiffany Brooks

Age: 28

Birthday: June 12 (Gemini)

Blood type: O

Occupation: Fitness Columnist

Personal Back-story: Tiffany is very attractive and knows it.  Even though Tiffany's image is the fruit of countless hours of exercise and eating right, she has always been good looking.  Over countless encounters with the wrong types of men Tiffany has become understandably paranoid around the opposite sex.

After writing an column entitled, "The Evils of Genetically Engineered Food and What We Feed Our Children," Tiffany received a letter saying, "It's easy for you to protest genetically engineered food when you're not poor and starving, you upper middle class bitch!  The rest of us can't afford organic but you're probably too damn prissy to even consider that!"

From that day forward Tiffany started spending every Wednesday night feeding the homeless at the local homeless shelter. This is so she could convince herself and her readers that she's not that prissy.

Note: She makes sure that the starving homeless are being fed nice, healthy, low-fat, low-carb, and low-calorie meals to keep them nice and fit.  (She means well.  She's just not that smart)

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