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Reginald Rudolf Foxworthington the 5th  a.k.a. "Thug Life"

Age: 17

Birthday: April 19 (Aries)

Blood type: A

Occupation: Gangster

Likes: Tupac Shakur, G-Unit, Bone Thugs, Slim Shady, Mike Jones, 50 cent, & pretending to be African-American

Hates: Gays, Mexicans, the Police, Lupin, &

Cannot tolerate: Any form of disrespect

Favorite thing in the world: his Lamborghini Murcielago and his fixed up Chevy Impala SS

Favorite books: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Favorite movies: "Fast and the Furious" trilogy

Personal Back-story: Reginald's transition into the identity of "THUG LIFE" was a long slippery slope.  Bored by his extreme wealth Reginald decided to make his life a little more interesting.  Reginald would often romanticize about what it would be like to live on the streets, to be poor, to have parents that would be home to spend time with him, and to have to do chores, such as brush his own teeth.  After a hunting trip on his family's island Reginald realized that perhaps killing a defenseless doe with a military grade machine gun was not very sportsman like and craved a real challenge.  He wanted to play a sport where his life was on the line.  Since he did not look good in tights he did not try out for a football team.  For the same reason he refused to be a pirate hunter/child abductor.  So he did the next best thing.  He tried to be a gangster but none of the gangs would take a rich white boy seriously.  So he began covering himself with white-out and started introducing himself as an African-American.

Before his tragic fall he was the head of his very own gang consisting of 100 little rich white boys who wanted to play gangster but weren't cool enough.

Copyright 2007