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Age: Dead

Birthday: Zack was not born, but has always been, erm, that is to say until he died.

Blood type: 's blood is pure liquid nitrogen.  Scientists say that 's blood, when mixed with O2, can make a go-kart do warp 32.  This is all theory because nobody has ever made an engine that can withstand so much awesome at once.  In southern states we have to say that it is only a theory.

Occupation: Designated Bad ass

Likes: He's too cool to like stuff

Favorite thing in the world: Too bad ass to need anything

Hates:  being touched by the less cool. (It makes him feel unclean)

Can not tolerate: can do anything but tolerate having his name said without a lightening bolt

Favorite book: How to Pronounce Names That Contain Various Symbols by ∞  Ж

Favorite movie: "The Matrix"*

Back Story: Been bad ass his whole life.


* He likes to laugh at how nobody in that movie can fight for shit and how hard they have to try just to dodge a bullet.

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