Your Face Is a Comic!

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Lupin Louie Adalwulf

Age: 23

Birthday: May 2 (Taurus)

Blood type: B-

Occupation: Political Cartoonist

Likes: women, animals, literature, writing, RX-7's, some anime/manga, & fighting.

Hates: shallow and/or materialistic people, most human beings, the zealously religious, politically idealistic college students, feminists, PETA, gangsters, elitist people, stingy rich people, super cars, people touching his tail, shallow people, wolves, people who use the word "irony" wrong, being bothered when he's busy, etc (We could be here forever if we discussed everything Lupin hates)

Cannot tolerate: being looked down upon, people who cheat, & sexual conquistadors.

Favorite thing in the world: The Zidane head-butt technique.

Favorite books: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams & Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Favorite movies: "Crash"

Can not tolerate: guys who cheat on their girlfriends

Personal Back-story: By some mysterious twist of fate Lupin was born with a wolfish tail which has cause him to become ostracized by society and become an observer and critic of human society.  This ultimately results in his interest in satire. (It has also resulted in Lupin's utter hatred for wolves as a species, or so he claims) After getting an English degree (in only 3 years) at Cal State University Long Beach Lupin set out to become a respected novelist. Equipped with his general-ed courses in art and political science and driven by failure and a need for food Lupin settles for his plan B in life. He becomes a political cartoonist with the publication of his cartoon entitled "Your Face is a Comic." When Lupin isn't poking fun at society's flaws he is often trying to find love which is very hard when you have a tail.

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