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Kawaii Suzuki

Age: 19

Birthday: April 13 (Pisces)

Blood type: B+

Occupation: N/A

Likes: cats, Hello Kitty, reading, World Cup (and only World Cup) Soccer, Lupin, Aneko, her father, manga, anime, anime conventions, and Gundam model kits, PETA, Dr. Pepper, & anything Japanese

Favorite thing in the world: Lupin's old 93 Toyota Corolla

Hates: drawing, people who don't believe in love, stuck up people, fair-weather-friends, Asian guys who like her, guys with "Yellow Fever," Asian guys who have "Yellow Fever," rent, and Mr. Pibb.

Can not tolerate: People who make fun of the '93 Corolla

Favorite book: Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Favorite movie: "FF7: Advent Children"

Personal back story: Two years ago Kawaii's life was going perfectly. Kawaii was a popular girl with many loving friends. She had just been accepted into UCLA and graduated from high school on her birthday. Nothing could be better. Not only that but she went to Grad Nite at Disneyland and solved some old high school drama! It is the perfect time to be Kawaii, right? WRONG! Kawaii's mother walks out on her father, Her father evicts Kawaii from their house for being the shameful result of her mother's on going affair. Kawaii can't even get a loan to pay for UCLA anymore! She has friend's though right? Wrong! They were all snobs that respected her only because they were sure she would be a success. Once she couldn't get into UCLA anymore they all abandon her. After an awkward encounter with Lupin she moves in with him and pays him rent whenever she can.

Being under drinking age and the friend of a chronically depressed freak, Kawaii is always dragging the unconscious Lupin back to their apartment (many times by the tail).

Kawaii is 3rd generation Japanese and has very little proficiency with the Japanese language. (And that's putting it nicely)  Kawaii is very afraid of losing touch with her Japanese roots and clings to everything Japanese.

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