Your Face Is a Comic!

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Age: 24

Birthday: July 19 (Cancer)

Blood type: O

Occupation: Landscaper

Personal Back-story: Capz has no ambition other than to keep control of his turf.  He believes that appearance is the key element to being a gangster.  His philosophy is, "That which doesn't look tough is weak and weakness is death.  The key to survival is to look tough and eliminate all weaknesses."

Capz is very intolerant of others.  He feels that tolerance is mercy and mercy is an apparent sign of weakness.

Capz is very paranoid but tries to appear calm at all times.  (Paranoia is fear and fear is a sign of weakness.)  He's constantly afraid that a rival gang will invade his territory and that his gang won't be tough enough to defend it.  So he makes the rest of the gang beat up on the weak in order to create a reputation that would frighten away other gangs.

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