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Age: 25

Birthday: February 15 (Aquarius)

Blood type: AB

Occupation: student/artist/gang banger

Personal Back-story: Buster is the intelligent.  Buster lacks a formal education but he loves to read.

He is very interested in contemporary street art.  He has been known to tag beautiful murals across the county.  When he's done his work is very rarely washed away.  He has had his work up in several art galleries.  Although Buster makes quite a deal of money through his paintings, he continues to gang bang so that he can remain true to the streets.  Buster's work contains themes of poverty, mourning, suffering, hopelessness, hunger, tediousness and other similar themes with vivid color and heart wrenching emotion.

When asked by an art magazine if he would would move from the ghetto, Buster said, "If the artist, or in this case me, if I'm removed from the streets then what?  An artist needs his models, his inspiration.  In a life drawing class do you have your students draw the naked bitch in the other room?  No, because they can't see her.  So how do you expect me to paint suffering when I can't see it?  I'm sorry, but I can't paint from memory."

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