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Creator Comments: These are some of the blogs that I've been writing in case you were interested.

I did a guest blog for Angela Koh.  Here you can see great pictures of me looking stupid with longer hair.  Pushing mullet status.  I also give some useful insights about imagery.  You might also note that Angela had a strong say in the final product given the dramatic change in style and the use of differing typeface.

I also did a few for a blog called "Poetry for Democracy."  Although, the blog gets pretty saccharine about the role of the poet and how poets are the one thing standing against us and Armageddon in a sort of Hipster Glen Beck fashion...My posts one teaching and scansion are of a different tune.


Disclaimer: This comic is made for people of 18 years of age or older, or for children with incompetent parents. Please note that suing us for the corruption of your children is an admission of guilt for being a horrible parent and by taking us to court you sign your children away to the state. Is that a joke or are we serious? Do you hate your children so much that you are willing to risk it? Thank you enjoy : D

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